The world’s safest
in-cabin ecosystem

Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar-based in-car monitoring solution delivers multifunctionality on a single-chip platform, simultaneously supporting numerous safety applications. It enables highly advanced In-Cabin Monitoring Systems (ICMS).

mother kissing baby in car seat


The platform provides exceptionally high resolution and an ultra-wide field of view to deliver unsurpassed precision and detail. Our rich 4D point cloud enables classification of children and adults, creating a significantly safer, holistic in-cabin environment, preventing false alarms and ensuring privacy by design.

The cost
of complexity.

We’re leading the way with the only single-sensor in-cabin monitoring system:


Covers three complete seating rows


Detects the presence of eight occupants


Replaces over seven other sensors, driving significant cost savings

child sleeping in carseat image and person clicking seatbelt image

Feature combo
+ fast-track development

Our industry-first Child Presence Detection + Seat Belt Reminder ‘combo’ is available now, ensuring affordable, leading-edge safety for all models. It’s powered by a high-performance software-hardware platform that provides rich point cloud data for independent application development.

Five-star safety
for the road ahead

Vayyar reduces hardware, complexity and costs per application while supporting multiple features with a single chip. Our in-car monitoring system addresses existing and emerging Euro NCAP requirements, earning up to 7.5 points for CPD, SBR, Occupant status, eCall and Automatic Airbag Deployment/Disabling. The platform is also scalable to future applications with OTA software updates.

7.5 points

Toyota is collaborating with Vayyar on future mobility solutions.

Our Milestones

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