The world’s safest
in-cabin ecosystem

Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar delivers multifunctionality on a single-chip platform, simultaneously supporting numerous safety applications. It enables highly advanced In-Cabin Monitoring Systems (ICMS).

mother kissing baby in car seat


The platform provides exceptionally high resolution and an ultra-wide field of view to deliver unsurpassed precision and detail. Our rich 4D point cloud enables classification of children and adults, creating a significantly safer, holistic in-cabin environment, preventing false alarms and ensuring privacy by design.

More precision
Less complexity

We’re leading the way with the only single-sensor in-cabin monitoring solution:

Covers three complete seating rows

Detects the presence of eight occupants

Replaces over seven other sensors, driving significant cost savings

Feature combo
+ fast-track development

Our industry-first Child Presence Detection + Seat Belt Reminder ‘combo’ is available now, ensuring affordable, leading-edge safety for all models. It’s powered by a high-performance software-hardware platform that provides rich point cloud data for independent application development.

Five-star safety
for the road ahead

Vayyar reduces hardware, complexity and costs per application while supporting multiple features with a single chip. Our solution addresses existing and emerging Euro NCAP requirements, earning up to 7.5 points for CPD, SBR, Occupant status, E-calling and Automatic Airbag Deployment/Disabling. The platform is also scalable to future applications with OTA software updates.

7.5 points

Our Milestones

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