The need for swifter,
smarter security scanning

In an uncertain world, security is a top priority for governments and enterprises alike. From customs checks and anti-smuggling operations, to providing protection at events, public facilities, and mass transit stations, controlling risk is essential.

Until now, security personnel have principally relied on metal detectors, which are prone to false alerts and depend heavily on human operators for image interpretation. They also require manual body searches and struggle to detect 3D-printed weapons. It’s a time-consuming and error-prone process which is notoriously invasive of privacy.
side by side images showing how the Vayyar wand depicts a handprint

A fresh

Vayyar’s world-leading mmWave technology now powers a versatile, affordable, and comprehensive scanning solution that enables a wide range of security applications.

Our high-resolution 4D imaging-radar-on chip solutions efficiently detect the smallest concealed objects made of various materials, including metal, ceramic and glass, as well as 3D printed weapons.

Security personnel can now perform rapid, nonintrusive searches, enabled by advanced Machine Learning engines trained to identify suspicious objects of all shapes and dimensions.

sensor technology

Vayyar’s line of cost-efficient Millimeter Wave radar-based Entry/Exit Control Scanner (ECS) systems creates instant, high-resolution images. Available as a wall scanner or handheld device, the technology detects even the smallest objects concealed under clothing, supporting high throughput in time-sensitive scenarios.
ECS1000 chip
ECS2000 wand
Vayyar imaging software demonstrating how it can view inside of a backpack


The ECS1000 wall scanner houses multiple RF boards with thousands of transceivers. The compact, portable ECS2000 is built around a single RF board, housing hundreds of transceivers.

The receivers record high-resolution 3D reflections, which are processed by Vayyar’s SW to create granular imaging that includes both intensity and phase data. Machine Learning (ML) SW determines if any controlled objects are present, in which case the security operator is notified about their location and can take further action.

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