Robots need to know you’re there too.
That’s where we step in.

Vayyar’s sensors enable Autonomous Robotic Navigation (ARN) and Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC).

By monitoring, classifying and mapping obstacles in a robot’s surroundings, and accurately detecting people’s presence, distance, location and trajectory, they’re able to thwart safety incidents and reduce machine down-time.

Vayyar sensors are safe and SIL compliant.

Our 4D imaging radar technology works in harsh environments too, such as low or direct light; clutter, steam, or smoke.

Furthermore, Vayyar sensors integrated into the system can cover a wide area with multiple targets. They can accurately map everything and everyone in real time, in an entire industrial environment.

Vayyar’s intelligent sensors can also see through and into materials, providing unique Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and saving valuable time and money.

Because no optics are used, it is GDPR compliant, doesn’t conflict with unions, and reduces the risk of industrial espionage.

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