Vayyar began
with a vision...

Creating a safer, more effective, and cost-effective way of screening for early-stage breast cancer.

With 90% of women in the developing world lacking access to early detection, the company set out to address this with an entirely new approach. Vayyar developed a revolutionary hand-held screening device that would overcome the limitations of existing technologies and extend the availability of screening to the underserved populations which need it most.
vayyar medical imaging device, next to a mapping of possible growths in the breast tissue

sensor technology

The device generates high-resolution 3D images that detect breast cancer with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in far fewer false positives than mammography, even in dense tissue.

An extremely large array of 240 antennas transmits and receives ultra-low-power radio waves, gathering the required data in under ten seconds without the need to apply physical pressure.

Effortless & accessible

Safe, affordable, portable, and painless, Vayyar’s lifesaving solution will make early-stage breast cancer detection available to countless women around the world.
doctor handing a disk to a patient
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