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Founded in 2011, Vayyar started with a vision of developing a more effective way of screening for early-stage breast cancer using radio frequency technology.

As our technology matured, we created additional solutions in multiple industries.

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Our Solutions



Vayyar’s automotive sensors protect motorists, their passengers and vulnerable road users, with comprehensive monitoring solutions for in-car and ADAS safety.
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Senior Care

Senior Care

Seniors are safeguarded through round-the-clock monitored well-being that enhances quality of life with reliable, fully automatic fall detection and wellness data.
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Vayyar’s retail solution analyzes sales conversion funnels and shopper behavior, monitoring inventory levels and providing granular store analytics.
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Vayyar provides comprehensive imaging solutions for sectors as diverse as homeland security and home improvement.
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Our highly advanced sensors are transforming the smart home and office, robotics and security sectors with precise detection and tracking that gives devices new levels of awareness.
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Our 4D radar imaging sensors can see through walls and objects and track and map everything happening in an environment in real time.

Vayyar sensors generate rich point cloud data, enabling devices to instantly recognize and respond to their surroundings, while an ultra-wide field of view ensures maximum horizontal and vertical coverage. Because 4D imaging radar sensors do not rely on cameras or optics, they are robust in all lighting and weather conditions, do not rely on line-of-sight and maintain privacy at all times.

Vayyar’s mission is to continue delivering the next generation of sensing technology that is miniature, affordable and versatile enough to make a genuine difference to everyone’s lives.

Our journey so far

Vayyar Ltd. is established
$12m A Round

Battery, Bessemer Amiti and ICV


1st generation IC Launch

$22m B Round

Walden Riverwood and round A investors

Walabot Consumer Brand Launch
$45m C Round

ITI, Round A and B investors, Clal Tech

Two B2B Products Launched

Network Analyzer and RF Test equipment

2nd Generation IC Launch

72 Tx/Rx

Walabot HOME

Elderly Care, B2C and B2B2C

Point Cloud

72 Tx/Rx

$109m D Round

Koch Disruptive Industries, previous investors.

Launch of Gen 2

Vayyar Home

SRR Launch

Eval Kit


0-300m multi-range XRR chip

Launch of DIY2

for iOS and Android

Our Investors


Raviv Melamed

CEO and Co-Founder

Prior to founding Vayyar, Raviv was vice-president of the Intel Architecture Group and general manager of Intel’s Worldwide Mobile Wireless Group.
Raviv joined Intel in 2004 as part of Intel’s acquisition of Envara, a fabless semi-conductor company based in Israel, where he served as vice president of R&D. Prior to this he held several roles in the Israel Defense Force in the field of large-scale radar and communication projects.
Raviv holds a BSc. and MSc. in Electrical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

Miri Ratner

VP R&D and Co-Founder

Miri has over 20 years of multidisciplinary R&D experience, both in Israel and the US. Prior to founding Vayyar, Miri served as a senior consultant of various hi-tech companies including Intel, Visonic and Siklu. Before this, Miri joined Alvarion (BreezeCom) at its seed stage, where she managed the R&D Wireless Access Department throughout the company’s IPO.
Prior to BreezeCom, Miri held various R&D management and technical positions in Comverse, Tie Communications (USA) and ECI Telecom (Tadiran). Miri holds a BSc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Naftali Chayat

CTO and Co-Founder

Naftali has over 30 years’ experience in signal processing, communications, radio systems and antenna technology. Prior to founding Vayyar, Naftali was Chief Scientist of Alvarion (BreezeCom) where he was responsible for its core technology. Prior to BreezeCom, Naftali held several roles in an R&D Department in the Israel Defense Forces, culminating as Chief Engineer. Naftali holds a BSc. in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University under the auspices of “Talpiot”, an elite R&D program of the Israel Defense Forces, and an MSc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel.


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