Ticking all the boxes with 4D imaging radar technology

As rising safety requirements continue to push industry-wide innovation, there is a growing need for versatile, reliable and affordable technology.

4D imaging radar is the next generation of radar technology, providing lifesaving functionality while substantially reducing direct and indirect costs.

The technology combines 3D imaging with Doppler analysis to create the additional dimension – velocity.
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Vayyar 4D imaging radar technology: multifunctional and multi-layered

Priced similarly to a 2D radar, Vayyar’s automotive-grade platform is available as a 60 GHz or 79 GHz radar-on-chip. Built around an extensive MIMO array of up to 48 transceivers, our sensors deliver exceptional resolution across an ultra-wide field of view.

The highly integrated software-hardware platform incorporates a compact PCB with fully tested reference design and an RFIC incorporating a DSP, MCU and all other analog and digital RF components. With a range of data outputs, our proprietary 4D point cloud imaging enables partners to develop additional advanced applications without radar expertise.

Here are some of the added benefits
4D imaging radar provides:



Large MiMo antenna array
enabling rich point cloud imaging



Unaffected by darkness, fog, glare, rain or adverse road conditions



Doesn’t capture identifiable data, protecting privacy

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In-cabin insights

Vayyar’s 60 GHz in-cabin solution enables a full range of monitoring applications. Powered by a single, multifunctional 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip (RoC), it covers three rows and up to eight occupants, regardless of line of sight.

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ADAS excellence

Vayyar’s 79 GHz multi-range XRR platform simultaneously supports numerous SRR, MRR and LRR applications from 0-300m with just one RFIC. With a Zero Minimum Distance (ZMD), no dead zones, and an unrivaled azimuth-elevation field of view, Vayyar’s ADAS/ARAS/AV solution enables real-time detection of multiple targets in all conditions at all speeds.

Our Milestones

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