In-cabin Combo

In-cabin Combo

Vayyar’s in-cabin 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip platform supports a lifesaving, application-ready combo of Child Presence Detection (CPD) plus enhanced Seat Belt Reminders (SBR) as standard.

family in car
blurrred car with icons for child presence detection and seat belt reminder

Powered by a single chip, it’s designed to prevent the “hot car” incidents that have claimed the lives of thousands of children, as well as the countless deaths and injuries caused by vehicle occupants neglecting to wear seat belts.


From 2023, CPD will be worth up to four Euro NCAP points while front and rear Seat Belt Reminders (SBR) will award a vehicle one point.

One combo. 5 points.
gif demonstrating detection of people inside a car

The platform operates effectively in all lighting conditions without requiring line of sight and can even detect a baby in a car seat sleeping under a blanket or a child in a footwell. Unlike cameras, it also maintains user privacy at all times.


Replaces numerous existing in-car sensors


Covers a full vehicle cabin


Detects and classifies all occupants


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