Seat Belt Reminders

Seat Belt Reminders

Seat belts have saved millions of lives over the past few decades but too many vehicle occupants still fail to buckle up.

Richer data supporting occupant detection and classification now enables enhanced Seat Belt Reminders (SBR) that cover all rear seats and avoid false alarms caused by heavy objects or children in CRS.

A lifesaving application combo

baby in carseat

A lifesaving
application combo

child sleeping in carseat image and person clicking seatbelt image

In-cabin core
combo and more

Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar simultaneously supports numerous lifesaving applications, significantly reducing costs and enabling scalability to future features.

Available now, our single-chip sensor helps automakers adhere to Euro NCAP and ETSC rear-bench Seat Belt Reminder requirements with an application-ready CPD + SBR combo:

Reliably monitors eight cabin occupants across three seating rows


Differentiates between three passengers seated close together


Provides complete adult, child and object classification


Avoids the false alerts associated with standard Seat Belt Reminder systems

Our Milestones

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