Vayyar for ADAS:

0-300m on a single chip

Vayyar for

0-300m on a single chip

XRR: Multi-range

With ADAS at the center of road safety strategies and autonomous vehicle development, Vayyar’s world-first multi-range “XRR” RFIC covers SRR, MRR and LRR simultaneously on a single chip, reducing the number of sensors and significantly cutting costs. Providing unparalleled multifunctionality on a single-chip platform, just 2-4 Vayyar RFICs:

Support dozens of applications

Replace over 10 standard ADAS sensors

Yield significant cost savings

Maximum coverage.
Unprecedented performance.

Vayyar’s XRR chip detects and tracks multiple targets at all speeds and in all conditions, leveraging high-resolution point cloud data, an ultra-wide azimuth-elevation FoV, a zero-minimum distance and no dead zones from 20cm to 300m. It can earn any vehicle up to 33 Euro NCAP points, across categories including AEB, VRU and two-wheeler protection.

Versatility that
drives scalability

The XRR chip’s flexible architecture supports a variety of different resolution requirements and processing configurations. It also enables OEMs and Tier 1s to independently develop numerous ADAS applications with the flexibility to scale rapidly to future applications.

Our Milestones

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