Why Vayyar

Cutting-edge 4D imaging radar
by the category leaders

Why Vayyar

Cutting-edge 4D imaging radar by the category leaders


Emerging Euro NCAP requirements include Child Presence Detection (CPD), Occupant Status Monitoring (OSM), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Automatic Emergency Steering (AES).

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hundreds of cars in a parking lot

The cost
of complexity

The modern automobile is overloaded with sensors and ECUs, driving up the complexity of vehicle programs and deployment, in addition to direct and indirect costs:

Up to 200 sensors per car


Electronics make up over 35% of overall vehicle cost


Expected to rise to 50% by 2030

Multifunctionality on
a single-chip platform

Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar enables automakers to reduce the number of sensors required for each application, support numerous features simultaneously with the same solution, and independently create additional safety and autonomy applications.

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graphic showing the Vayyar device's ability to detect other cars movements on a highway


The XRR RFIC is the industry’s first single-chip system that simultaneously supports Short-Range, Mid-Range and Long-Range Radar detection and tracking from 0 to 300m, enabling a host of ADAS, ARAS and autonomy applications.

Vayyar chip with radiating lines

4D imaging radar:
leading the way

Rising safety requirements are driving the need for versatile, reliable and scalable technology. Cameras, LIDAR, ultrasonic and 2D radar sensors are all limited in terms of performance, robustness and privacy - and can usually perform just one function each.

in-cabin sensing

4D imaging radar is a robust, affordable technology that supports numerous safety and comfort applications. High-resolution data delivers real-time insights:

Detects occupants’ presence, size, position, health status and movement


Differentiates between people and objects


Classifies children and adults

ADAS performance

This versatile technology provides panoramic detection and tracking of multiple targets around the vehicle, enabling multiple safety applications. With no optics involved, the technology is robust in all lighting and weather conditions.

Our Milestones

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