A Sensor Above the Rest



Generate a 4D image of what’s behind your walls



Detect obstacles and monitor people’s location, movement, height, posture and vital signs wirelessly and camera-free



Identify the composition of mixtures such as fat percentages in milk, or moisture levels in soil



Test and measure communication devices for labs and assembly lines

How It Works

Vayyar’s powerful and unique chip creates high-resolution images in real time based on advanced RF technology.

The chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3GHz-81GHz with 72 transmitters and 72 receivers. Enhanced by an integrated, high-performance DSP with large internal memory, Vayyar’s sensor executes complex imaging algorithms without any need for an external CPU.

With a multitude of signals being sent, received and analyzed, Vayyar technology creates high-resolution 4D images. Due to the integration of an unprecedented number of transceivers and an advanced DSP, our technology is able to create high-resolution contour with high accuracy.

Why Vayyar?

One Sensor, Infinite Applications

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