The manager didn’t know he’d run out of olive oil.
But the shelves knew.

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In-store data creates billions in unrealized value.

Deloitte Retail Report 2018

“Elite performing retailers with yearly revenue increases of at least 10% focus on data management almost twice as much as underperformers.”

McKinsey Retail Trends 2019

“It is no longer enough to generate insights at the national, channel, or customer level on a weekly or monthly basis. Retailers need store-specific, real-time insights now.”

Trending Analytics 2018

“Challenging trends need new conversations. Brands and retailers must share new broader in-store insights for modern-day success.”

Know more, sell more, with Vayyar Retail.

Vayyar’s retail solution provides highly advanced 4D-imaging sensors.
We enhance decision-making by providing retailers, restaurants and companies with real-time information.

  • Real-time In-store Alerts

Helping you make decisions faster, with confidence.

  • Predictive Analytics

Observing trends and helping you plan ahead.

  • Benchmarking

You set the bar and compare KPI’s over time and across geographies.

  • Customization

Because all businesses are different.

We track and map everything happening in real time, without the need for any cameras.

Sales funnel throughout the store:

  • Customer counting upon store entry
  • Checkout and customer service lines
  • Live and dead zones
  • Dwell times
  • Brand ‘lost sales’ analysis

Product level

We reinvented inventory management on many levels.

Shelf level

Sensors determine shelf fill and out-of-stock inventory.
They enable real-time alerts and ensure shelves are always full.

Distribution Center Level

Vayyar’s 4D sensors introduce a revolutionary way to capture performance throughout your operations in real time.

Store level

Optimize supply chain, in store, in the warehouse and on the road.

Combine inventory data with shopper behavior to unlock new insights.

Get ready for automatic in-store size scanning.

  • Accurate

To within mm for the body as well as for the feet.

  • Contactless

Sizing is achieved with harmless, passive radio waves.

  • Respects Privacy

No cameras used and clothing stays on.

  • Quick and Easy

A quick scan takes the guesswork out of clothing fit.

  • Profitable

Self service frees up staff time, reduces returns, and increases sales through customer confidence.

Our sensors are head and shoulders above other data acquisition methods.

  • Low Cost

Our technology is highly affordable, with an incredibly small data load because all processing is done on the chip.

  • Robust Coverage

No blocking or glare issues, with a wide field of view.

  • Convenient

Installation is easy and maintenance and updates are done remotely.

  • Protects Privacy

No cameras or pictures taken. It’s also GDPR compliant, no personal data is collected.

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