Optimized Airbag Deployment

the impact

Airbags have saved hundreds of thousands of lives but have also been responsible for countless injuries ranging from fractures to burns and severe cervical spine traumas. To deploy most effectively, better occupant data is needed.

Rich data.
High-resolution sensing

Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar hardware-software platform gathers rich point cloud data, supporting unique multifunctionality on a single-chip platform. OEMs and Tier 1s can seamlessly develop and deploy numerous in-cabin monitoring applications with just one sensor, including advanced airbag deployment:

Complete classification of up to eight occupants

Detects all dimensions and seating positions

Earns two points in Euro NCAP’s Automatic Airbag Disabling category

High resolution

comprehensive in/out-of-position detection


similar price point to 2D radar

Wide FoV

covers up to eight occupants across three rows

Our Milestones

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