Occupant Status


Driver and occupant status monitoring systems (DMS and OSM) are critical to road safety and require a combination of sensors to gather complex insights such as posture and position, eyelid movement, gaze, and vital signs such as pulse and respiration rates.

Rich data for
holistic monitoring

Vayyar’s 4D imaging radar collects uniquely rich occupant data, making it a comprehensive standalone solution for OSM and an ideal companion to optical technology in DMS sensor fusion. It also provides emergency services with crucial occupant status information in the event of a crash (eCall), an application scored by Euro NCAP.


Vayyar’s advanced algorithms process minute changes in pulse and breathing to detect driver fatigue or erratic behavior, supporting instantaneous alerts that can avert collisions.


Simultaneously supports numerous in-cabin applications on a single chip

High resolution

Comprehensive posture and in/out-of-position detection plus precise pulse/respiration monitoring

Wide FoV

Covers up to eight occupants across three rows

Our Milestones

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