Vayyar Automotive Labs

360° in-car & out-of-car sensing

Detect and monitor presence, location, posture, distances, vital signs and obstacles.


Vayyar’s Automotive sensors detect over 150K points of interest per second.


Driver Support

  • Track driver vital signs
  • Identify head position and movement
  • Measure proximity and posture for air-bag optimization
  • Recognize gestures for Infotainment control


In-car Passenger Monitoring

  • Identify passenger location within the car
  • Sense occupant’s presence, such as a baby forgotten in the car
  • Classify passengers according to size, height, age and other parameters
  • Smart air-bag deployment and optimization


Adaptive Collision Avoidance

  • Avoid collisions through object detection, classification and trajectory mapping
  • Monitor surroundings, both moving and static, for parking assistance
  • Identify and avoid elevated obstacles


Freight & Cargo Management

  • Detect available cargo space that is hidden from view
  • Monitor cargo distribution
  • Identify shifting and moving cargo

Vayyar’s Advantages

  • No cameras, avoids violating privacy
  • Seamless – not affected by lighting and weather conditions
  • Preserves design integrity, can be placed inside a concealed installation
  • Wide field-of-view and accurate objects detection
  • Customizable systems to fit different form factors, performance and field-of-view requirements

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Basic Package

  • Advanced Hardware
  • Single function software – people location, obstacles map, heart-rate/breathing – GUI

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Advanced Package

  • Dedicated advanced hardware solution – off-the-shelf or tailored
  • Multi-functions software – people location, obstacles map, breathing – GUI + API
  • 3-months of support
  • 3-days face-to-face meeting for training, integration and mutual testing

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