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Intelligent Sensor Insights by Vayyar

Impact of Elderly Loneliness and How to Combat It

Humans are social creatures hardwired to enjoy direct person-to-person contact. When this isn’t possible, it’s exceedingly…

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Unreported Senior Falls: How to Detect Them and Reduce Risk

It’s often the undiagnosed illness or the unidentified pathogen that poses the greatest health risk. The…

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Keeping The Senior Living Sector Safe From COVID-19

As the world digs in to battle COVID-19, it is clear that the senior living sector…

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Long Lie After Falls: Outcomes and Prevention

A long lie after a fall can kill. And delayed response to falls can also have a…

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MAMA 2020 Conference: A Call to Action

This year’s MAMA conference, although held online, was just as thought-provoking as in past years. Looking…

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New Remote Health Monitoring System for Fall Detection and Prediction

Vayyar Care is a revolutionary fall management system that is 100% automatic. The need for remote…

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Advancing Nurse Call Technology to Ensure Safety

The modern world is driven by data. A trend that originated in the online economy is…

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