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Logo: Keystone Human Services

Keystone Human Services

Pennsylvania, US

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Logo: THS Remote Support Services

THS Remote Support Services

Cincinnati, US

My name is Avituv Zalkin and I'm the CEO of Neve Horim nursing home.
Logo: Neveh Horim

Neve Horim Nursing Home

Jerusalem, Israel

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Logo: WellAware Care

Jess Lynch

WellAware Care Customer

Logo: WellAware Care

Lynne & Rob Osborn

WellAware Care Customers

Logo: WellAware Care

Joanne Donovan

WellAware Care Customer

Essex County Council
Essex County Council

Essex County Council

Chelmsford, UK

Foxburrow Grange Care Home

Foxburrow Grange Care Home

Colchester, UK


Most-watched online sessions
Live: How data is transforming social care
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On-demand webinar:

How Data is Transforming Social Care

Webinar: What are your biggest pain points? These are the biggest challenges reported by care providers
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On-demand virtual roundtable:

Spending Wisely in a Staffing Crisis

Counting the cost: why care homes can't afford falls
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On-demand webinar:

Why Care Homes Can't Afford Falls


In-depth content


The Data-Driven Grayt Revolution


The Four Dimensions of Data-Driven Falls Management


Conversations about care

Episode 1: The Power of Care

Andy Furlong, Tranquility Lifestyle Services

Episode 2: The Power of Care

Lila Fehr, Fairview Haven

Episode 3: The Power of Care

Mike Snyder, Advanced Wireless

Episode 4: The Power of Care

David Moss, People Power Company

Episode 5: The Power of Care

Steven Holmes & Paul Driver, Arquella

Episode 6: The Power of Care

Geoff Gross, Medical Guardian

Episode 7: The Power of Care

George & Robert Colantuoni, WellAware Care

Episode 8: The Power of Care

Elissa Barpal, Vayyar Care

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