Vayyar Care, the global leader in remote monitoring based on 4D imaging radar, has partnered with Australian aged care solutions provider BLESEN to deliver an innovative fall prevention system that leverages resident activity data.

The integrated solution delivers instant, automatic fall detection to eliminate response delays and what might be catastrophic consequences. It also identifies minor falls that often go unreported by residents but pose a significant risk of subsequent falls.

Accurate fall detection has historically been challenging due to the limitations of traditional fall management which depends on residents pushing a button or pulling a cord. Standard sensor technologies often struggle to consistently identify falls in all lighting and environmental conditions. Additionally, privacy concerns, particularly in bathrooms, have made cameras an unpopular choice, even as a last resort solution.

The new solution, by contrast, combines Vayyar’s best-in-class radar-on-chip technology with BLESEN’s proprietary fall detection machine learning algorithms and reporting capabilities. This enables caregivers to assess and reduce fall risk, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care while always respecting resident privacy.

Ryan Donohue, Managing Director at BLESEN, explained that his company selected Vayyar technology after extensive testing of sensors from various manufacturers.

“Our decision was based not only on the exceptional performance of the sensor but also the ease of accessing the gathered data, which supports BLESEN’s innovative approach to assisting fall risk prevention”, he said.

The system tracks various resident activities, generating a range of potential risk triggers that allow caregivers to reduce the likelihood of falls. For example, monitoring time in bed uncovers pain-related insomnia, depression, and reduced mobility, while supporting the management of respiratory conditions such as CHF and COPD. Bathroom visit frequency, meanwhile, reveals symptoms of digestive issues and UTIs that could cause low blood pressure, dizziness, and even sepsis.

Feargal O’Farrell, Vayyar Care’s Director of Sales ANZ, highlighted the partnership’s positive user response.

“We have had very positive feedback from operators to BLESEN’s software platform in combination with Vayyar’s sensors. Several pilot projects are currently underway, showcasing the compelling benefits of this partnership. BLESEN is also collaborating with certified installation partners to ensure the highest quality workmanship in residents’ private living spaces”.

Vayyar Care and BLESEN will soon co-host a webinar exclusively for Australian aged care providers, explaining the clinical benefits and exploring the potential of data-driven care. If you are ready to invest in a technological solution, reserve your spot today by emailing [email protected].

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