April 16, 2020

Israeli Government Partners with Vayyar to Combat COVID-19

Vayyar collaborates with Israel’s Ministry of Defense to utilize a touch-less remote monitoring system that detects and monitors vital signs that can indicate early-stage COVID-19 symptoms.

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vayyar, the world leader in 4D radar imaging, announced today that its life-saving sensor technology is being used by the Israeli government to fight the spread of COVID-19. Vayyar’s intelligent sensors provide touchless, remote and confidential monitoring to detect and monitor vital signs that can indicate early-stage COVID-19 symptoms. The data, including pulse, heart rate variability and respiratory rate, are all measured remotely, without the need for touch.

Vayyar’s intelligent sensors can be placed in homes, hospitals, factories, airports, public transport, borders and more to provide real-time data, and by minimizing the need for face-to-face contact, reduce the risk of exposure for both medical and non-medical personnel.

Vayyar is collaborating with MAFAT (Israel’s Defense Research & Development Directorate) and Israel’s Naval Medical Institute. Vayyar’s sensors have been successfully installed and are monitoring personnel in real-time to help detect early signs of the COVID-19 virus. Separately, The Israel National Emergency Team has successfully completed a test in which two systems were adapted for Vayyar sensors to analyze remotely, the vital data of patients.

“During this global pandemic, we are proud to work with health and defense systems to help control the COVID-19 outbreak, flatten the curve and save the lives of our loved ones,” says Ofer Familier, General Manager of Vayyar Home. “As we evolve our symptom monitoring capabilities, we hope to provide reassurance in this small way to soften social distancing restrictions, get people back to work and help to revive the economy.” 

Vayyar’s sensors can work in any environmental condition, unaffected by line-of-sight, lighting or weather conditions and since they do not use cameras, personal privacy is always protected.

About Vayyar Imaging

Vayyar Imaging is a global leader in 4D radar imaging technology, providing affordable, highly advanced sensors to a wide variety of industries. With applications in the automotive, smart home, robotics, retail, RF testing and medical sectors, Vayyar’s intelligent sensors can see through walls and objects, map environments, and track movements in real-time. Its state-of-the-art chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3-81Ghz, with up to 72 transceivers in each chip and an integrated high-performance DSP. Vayyar’s multi-antenna sensor produces unprecedented levels of accuracy, enabling high-resolution 4D point-cloud images. Vayyar is developing the next generation of sensing technology that is miniature, affordable and versatile enough to impact everyone’s lives. Welcome to a world where intelligent sensing is part of the everyday.

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