May 10, 2020

Covid Safety & Imag(in)ing Life after Lockdown

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic redefined “normal” almost overnight. Working in an office now seems almost exotic, shopping trips are a major strategic exercise, and banal items like handrails and light switches could harbor alarming health risks. We’re also suddenly very aware of how close we all are to each other, in locations ranging from offices and factories to buses, trains, restaurants, malls, gyms, movie theaters, and more, and how we can enhance Covid safety.

The Day After Coronavirus

What will the day after Coronavirus look like? Scientists are working on COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, but a true Coronavirus solution could be years away. How can we create a “new normal” that lets us all get back to living our lives without putting anyone’s health at risk?

Vayyar’s sophisticated 4D radar imaging sensors will play a crucial role in helping businesses and communities get back on track while still flattening the curve, protecting public health, and keeping hospitals from being overwhelmed. In fact, our state-of-the-art technology has already been adopted by the Israeli Ministries of Defense and Health as a key element in their strategy to ensure public safety in the face of COVID-19 as well as potential future outbreaks.

The Vayyar system uses intelligent sensors to detect early COVID-19 symptoms by remotely monitoring and analyzing key vital signs like heart and respiratory rate. These sensors operate effectively in all lighting and weather conditions, with no need for line of sight, and can be placed in businesses, homes, hospitals, public transport, and any other space. It’s a fast, contact-free process, taking the risk away from medical and security staff, with no need to expose personnel or contaminate equipment.

Balancing Privacy and Safety

But what about the privacy aspect? We’ve already seen some proposed COVID-19 solutions that seem just as invasive as they are effective, like having security agencies track your phone, record your movements, and even send drones to check up on you.

Vayyar sensors are completely camera-free and collect no personally-identifying information, allaying privacy concerns while still providing in-depth public health data on an individual, local, and even national level. Our system creates exceptionally high resolution 4D point cloud images and displays detailed analytical data via dedicated dashboards, enabling those with early coronavirus symptoms to be automatically mapped and tracked in real time in any environment.

This means that businesses can now protect their workforce by swiftly identifying potential symptom carriers, disease control centers can pinpoint hotspots and new outbreaks, and governments have the up-to-the-minute information they need to safeguard both public health and the economy.

By mounting Vayyar touchless technology in locations where germs are normally found and passed from person to person – like handrails, faucets, and light switches – we can also significantly improve hygiene and reduce cross-contamination.

Enabling the ‘New Normal’ For Society At Large 

Now, as we weather unprecedented challenges and try to imagine what our world will look like a month, year, or decade from today, Vayyar offers the COVID-19 solution that will help to create a safe, healthy “new normal” for societies everywhere.

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