April 21, 2020

Retail Innovation: How RF Technology Transforms Stores

This article explores a retail innovation pioneered by Vayyar, with a detailed focus on how it works.

How does RF technology work?

Radio Frequency (RF) technology, often used interchangeably with the term “radio,” refers to the use of high-frequency currents and electromagnetic fields. These alternate at rates of thousands to hundreds of billion times per second. The rate of alternation of a radio signal, called “frequency,” is measured in units called Hertz which define the number of cycles per second of the radio signal.

By way of example:

  • AM stations use frequencies of around one megahertz (MHz: million cycles per second)
  • Cellular phones and GPS use frequencies about 1-2 gigahertz (GHz: billion cycles per second)
  • Wi-Fi and microwave ovens operate at 2.5 GHz, and
  • Radars typically use frequencies from a few to tens of GHz.

The wide range of uses for radio waves

Radio waves have been utilized in almost every aspect of our lives including communications, satellite technologies, remote control operations, watercraft, television, and even medicine.

An innovative retail solution

One of the latest industries RF technology is making waves in is retail. Vayyar’s retail innovation is a solution that remotely provides retailers with vital insights: shopper insights based on customer movement and accurate data on inventory levels.

Benefits of Vayyar’s Innovation in the Retail Industry

Vayyar’s radar-based retail sensors are completely camera-free, so shopper privacy is always maintained. The technology works in all lighting conditions, enabling features such as:

  • Inventory Tracking: Ensure you’re always fully stocked with granular data on every unit on the shelf and aisle level. Avoid missed sales caused by out-of-stock products using Vayyar’s retail management technology.
  • Shopper Monitoring: How many shoppers are in your store, where are the hot spots and cold zones, and what’s the dwell time around key displays and end caps? This innovative retail solution reveals how you can make the best use of space, ensuring maximum profitability per square foot.
  • Checkout Lines and Customer Service: Reduce wait times by counting the number of shoppers in each checkout line at any given moment when you implement Vayyar’s innovation in the retail sector.
  • Shopper Journey Mapping: Use this unique retail innovation to enhance product placement and store layout.

Vayyar’s sensor technology is also used in sectors including:

  • robotics
  • automotive
  • smart home
  • senior care
  • medical devices
  • homeland security

Implementing this innovation in the retail industry gives the retailer a deeper understanding of store performance, customer service and sales conversion.

All information collected is private and GDPR-compliant. The hardware and software packages are easy to install and manage. KPIs, benchmarks and alerts are fully customizable and presented in a simple dashboard or integrated over an API.

Vayyar: Spearheading Retail Innovation

With its RF technology, Vayyar is leading the way in retail innovation, transforming the way stores handle everything from wait times to inventory to consumer decisions, bringing intelligent IoT to retail.

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