Retail, Robotics, Medical & Smart Office


Smart Shelves

  • Track consumer movement around shelves and aisles
  • Analyze customer intent through gestures, movements and interest level for products
  • Monitor shelf inventory


Personal & Commercial Robots

  • Classify and map location of obstacles in a home
  • Complete various automated tasks around homes, health institutions or offices
  • Provide navigation assistance for rooms or large spaces

& Industrial Robots

  • Movement detection and proximity measurement in robotic manufacturing zones
  • Robotic appendage protection and obstacle avoidance
  • Accurate robot motion configuration


Medical Screening

  • Early-stage breast cancer detection
  • Tumor identification in under 5 seconds with 4D imaging of breast tissue
  • Handheld, low-cost, non-ionizing, painless system

Smart Office

Smart Office & Lighting

  • Keep count of people in a room or defined area
  • Monitor employee and occupant location and health for office automation, security and energy efficiency
  • Receive real time updates about injuries, unconsciousness and location during emergencies

Why Vayyar?

  • Monitors real-time activity, with a high degree of privacy
  • Works in all lighting and weather conditions
  • Can be installed in a concealed location
  • Detects objects accurately and within a wide range
  • Customizable systems to accommodate different needs and requirements

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Basic Package

  • Advanced Hardware
  • Single function software – people location, obstacles map, heart-rate/breathing – GUI

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Advanced Package

  • Advanced, customizable hardware solution: off-the-shelf or specially tailored for your needs
  • Multi-functional software – people location, obstacles map, breathing – GUI + API
  • 3-months of support
  • 3-day support meeting for training, integration and mutual testing

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