Retail, Smart Office, Robotics & Medical


Smart Shelves

  • Count and monitor people browsing or passing by shelves
  • Measure consumer intent – monitor gestures, movements and interest level for products
  • Monitor shelf inventory

Smart Office

Smart Office & Lighting

  • Count the number of people in a room or defined area
  • Monitor people’s location, and wellbeing for office automation, security and energy efficiency
  • During a fire, provide updates in real time of wellbeing, location or falls


Personal Robots
Home & Commercial

  • Monitor, classify and map the location of obstacles in a home
  • Detect and monitor people around the robot (e.g. elderly care)
  • Provide navigation assistance for rooms or offices

& Industrial Robots

  • Presence awareness that identifies when humans enter robotic manufacturing zones and monitors their proximity to machines
  • Robotic Limb Safety – Avoid obstacles and humans
  • Accurately direct robotic arms toward targets
  • Surface level monitoring


Medical Screening

  • Early stage breast cancer detection device
  • Provides 3D scan of breast tissue that identifies tumors in under 5 seconds
  • Handheld, low cost, non-ionizing, non-painful, low-cost system

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Vayyar’s Advantages

  • No cameras, avoids violating privacy
  • Seamless – not affected by lighting and weather conditions
  • Preserves design integrity, can be placed inside a concealed installation
  • Wide field-of-view and accurate objects detection
  • Customizable systems to fit different form factors, performance and field-of-view requirements

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Basic Package

  • Advanced Hardware
  • Single function software – people location, obstacles map, heart-rate/breathing – GUI

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Advanced Package

  • Dedicated advanced hardware solution – off-the-shelf or tailored
  • Multi-functions software – people location, obstacles map, breathing – GUI + API
  • 3-months of support
  • 3-days face-to-face meeting for training, integration and mutual testing

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