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Vitalis 2022

May 17-19, 2022 - Gothia Towers, Gothenburg, Sweden

The largest eHealth event in Scandinavia

Vayyar Care is pleased and proud to be part of Vitalis 2022, where healthcare and welfare professionals from across Scandinavia, Europe and beyond will discuss the hottest topics in the care sector and evaluate the world’s leading enabling technologies.

Vayyar Care’s Nordic Director of Business Development Gonzalo Ugalde will present a session on why 4D imaging is critical to person-centered care and operational efficiency.

He’ll explain how real-time visibility ensures rapid response to emergencies, why advanced behavioral analytics are the key to achieving optimal long-term outcomes, and how touchless 4D imaging technology delivers data that enhances safety, physical and mental health, mobility and wellbeing, while easing the growing burden on caregivers.

It’s taking place on the Vitalis Open Stage on Tuesday, May 17 at 2:40pm.

Meet Us

May 17-19, 2022

May 17-19, 2022

About the Event

By 2025, Sweden will become the best in the world at exploiting the opportunities offered by digitisation and eHealth, making it easier for people to achieve quality and equality in health and welfare. Investing in eHealth solutions will be a necessity in order to overcome the challenges faced by society – an ageing demographic profile, mounting costs and pressures on budgets. A part of the challenge is to gather enough information and knowledge to ensure that the correct eHealth and digitisation investment decisions are made, and that new regulatory frameworks are complied with.

The Nordic region, Sweden in particular, features world-class healthcare and research institutions, highly skilled hardware and software expertise, a thriving industry and a strong startup scene. If you are interested in the Nordic market – or in ideas and experiences of the Nordic countries – be at Vitalis 2022 to get the big picture.

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