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TU Automotive Europe

November 24th-25th - Virtual Event

Join us at TU Automotive Europe (November 24-25). Vayyar is leading a panel discussion on technologies that reliably enhance automotive safety.

Vayyar delivers a high-performance answer to ADAS applications, offering a complete uSRR-SRR solution on a single chip.Register to schedule a meeting with Vayyar’s automotive team and to reserve your spot in the discussion >> https://bit.ly/2G1d07I

The Vayyar automotive 79GHz imaging radar sensor detects and tracks multiple targets, with a Zero Minimum Distance (ZMD) and no dead zones, providing full detection of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Leveraging sophisticated radar-on-chip (RoC) technology, Vayyar offers a performance-optimized RF platform complete with analog and digital components, and a large MIMO array for maximum resolution. Its ultra-wide horizontal and vertical FoV enables height obstacle detection and eliminates the need for many sensors. The Vayyar sensor yields substantial cost savings and a high ROI.

Here are some of the applications it’s used for:

  • Collision Warnings (FCW/RCW)
  • Valet Parking (parking assistance)
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
  • Lane Change Assist (LCA)
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (r/fAEB)
  • Cross Traffic Alerts (r/fCTA)
  • Around Vehicle Monitoring (AVM)

Meet Us

Time & Location

November 24th-25th

This will be a virtual event. Schedule a meeting with Vayyar in the online portal.

About the Event


TU-Automotive Europe is back again for 2020 with the promise of more networking with industry leaders and a four-day programme featuring exclusive case studies, insight and thought leadership.

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