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TSA International Technology Enabled Care

March 22-25, 2021 - Event is held online - Virtual Event

Vayyar is delighted to be taking part in TSA’s International Technology Enabled Care (ITEC) virtual conference, where thought leaders from across the health, housing and social care sectors will join forces to map out proactive and preventative strategies for improving wellbeing.

Vayyar Home, our unique touchless fall detection and monitoring solution, is fully aligned with the event’s core focuses: empowerment, technological integration, flexible service delivery and true personalisation. The rich data collected by our sensors allows communities and caregivers to create activity profiles defined by unprecedented detail.

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March 22-25, 2021 - Event is held online

March 22-25, 2021 - Event is held online

About the Event

Amer Subhi from the Vayyar Home Business Development unit will be available for meetings from March 21-25 and will be delighted to explain the capabilities of the solution.

As a sector our rapid COVID-19 response and innovations in service delivery have accelerated not only our learnings but is repositioning TEC as an integral part of the wider health network and an instigator of Change.

This year ITEC conference is transformed, it will be a critical platform for stakeholders in health, housing and social care to connect.

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