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HIMSS 2020

Canceled by Organizer - Orlando, FL

Please note that HIMSS 2020 has been canceled by the event organizer.  You can read more about the cancelation here


Complete Health Monitoring Throughout the Home

Join Vayyar at booth 743 to see our revolutionary smart home + health monitoring system.

Vayyar HOME will instantly turn any home—small or large, old or new—into an intelligent home with all the latest features, from senior care to security, healthcare and home automation capabilities. With no cameras or pendants, Vayyar HOME maintains privacy while truly enabling seniors to age in place and maintain dignity and comfort in their own home. The device scans any room for falls or irregular activity, notifying any caregiver or responder of unusual activity.

It is continuously aware of how many people there are, their location, and whether they’re moving, standing, sitting, or lying on the floor. Vayyar HOME can sense and display each person’s vital signs. It monitors activity patterns, breathing and health problems such as sleep apnea.

For security applications, Vayyar HOME protects people from intruders. The sensor detects when everyone has gone to sleep each night and activates itself, scanning all doors, windows and potential entrance points throughout the night . It works in light or dark and sees through smoke or steam. If an intruder attempts to enter, an alarm can sound, warning the occupants and deterring the intruder.

Vayyar HOME can also make a house more energy efficient, adjusting temperature and lighting by sensing and responding to the exact location of everyone in the house. It detects when occupants are asleep or away and adjusts temperature, lighting, and appliances accordingly.

Vayyar HOME: tomorrow’s home, today.

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Time & Location

Canceled by Organizer

HIMSS 2020
Orange County Convention Center
West Building
Orlando, FL

Booth #743

About the Event

The 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition brings together professionals throughout the global health ecosystem connect for the education, innovation and collaboration they need to reimagine health and wellness for everyone, everywhere.

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