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Autonomous Vehicles Online

November 4th-5th - Virtual Event

Join us at Autonomous Vehicles Online: Fall 2020 (November 4-5). Vayyar’s Director of Business Development for Automotive, Ilan Hayat, will lead a discussion on “How 4D Imaging Radar is Bringing the Certainty that ADAS and AV Ecosystems Demand.”

Vayyar delivers a high-performance answer to ADAS applications, offering a complete uSRR-SRR solution on a single chip.Register to schedule a meeting with Vayyar’s automotive team and to reserve your spot in the discussion >> https://bit.ly/3kEY1PC

The Vayyar automotive 79GHz imaging radar sensor detects and tracks multiple targets, with a Zero Minimum Distance (ZMD) and no dead zones, providing full detection of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Leveraging sophisticated radar-on-chip (RoC) technology, Vayyar offers a performance-optimized RF platform complete with analog and digital components, and a large MIMO array for maximum resolution. Its ultra-wide horizontal and vertical FoV enables height obstacle detection and eliminates the need for many sensors. The Vayyar sensor yields substantial cost savings and a high ROI.

Here are some of the applications it’s used for:

  • Collision Warnings (FCW/RCW)
  • Valet Parking (parking assistance)
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
  • Lane Change Assist (LCA)
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (r/fAEB)
  • Cross Traffic Alerts (r/fCTA)
  • Around Vehicle Monitoring (AVM)

Meet Us

Time & Location

November 4th-5th

This will be a virtual event. Schedule a meeting with Vayyar in the online portal.

About the Event

Boost knowledge, solve safety and security challenges, and make connections with fellow professionals developing the next generation of self-driving technology

Autonomous Vehicles Online identifies and highlights the future trends that will shape the self-driving car industry.

This event invites expert speakers to establish the current state of the autonomous vehicle industry as it stands in 2020 while our specially invited sponsors will delve into key issues in the field of sensors and software technology, and we’ll also look at trends in automated delivery vehicles.

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