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Altenpflege 2020

Canceled by Organizer - Messegelande, Hanover

Please note that Altenpflege 2020 has been canceled by the event organizer. 

Vayyar HOME will instantly turn any home or facility into an intelligent space with the latest features, from senior care to security, healthcare and home automation capabilities. With no cameras or pendants, Vayyar HOME maintains privacy while truly enabling seniors to age in place and maintain dignity and comfort, while staying safe. The device scans any room for falls or health anomalies, notifying any caregiver or responder of unusual activity.

It is continuously aware of how many people there are, their location, and whether they’re moving, standing, sitting, or lying on the floor. Vayyar HOME can sense and display each person’s vital signs. It monitors activity patterns, breathing and health deterioration.


Vayyar HOME: protect your loved ones.

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Canceled by Organizer

Canceled by Organizer

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