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6th Automotive Sensors and Electronics Summit

April 28-29th, 2021 - Virtual Event

The global automotive sensor market is expected to grow, and the adoption of ADAS features is one of the major boosting factors.

ADAS technology and vision-based systems continue to advance, being powered by automotive sensors and emerging tech, enabling new levels of safety, comfort, and convenience in highly automated driving.

The experts in the field will focus on the advanced development of automotive sensor and electronics technologies, their components, and applications to enrich vehicle performance, safety, and driver experience and to enable the next level of sensing in highly automated driving.

Join Vayyar’s Head of Automotive, Ian Podkamien, in exploring the paradigm shift that’s giving automakers the opportunity to reassess the industry’s legacy approach, while enhancing safety and yielding significant cost savings.

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April 28-29th, 2021

April 28-29th, 2021

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