July 6, 2020

The Smart Building Technology on Everyone’s Radar

Today, smart buildings are no longer just a fad. With paid-for office space increasingly vacant, jobs migrating to the home, and commercial buildings needing to be more efficient, it’s no wonder that big businesses and real estate managers are focusing on the positive Return on Investment (ROI) of smart building technology.

Beyond increasing space optimization and energy efficiency, smart building solutions are enhancing productivity, safety, security, and even hygiene management; the investment payback can be measured in months. Now you can see why the market is expected to soar to $109.48 billion within the next few years.

Are some smart buildings smarter than others?

Given these advantages, it might surprise you to realize just how basic many “smart” solutions actually are: the classic motion sensor that leaves hapless employees flapping their arms around in the dark; people counters that can only tell you that X people are in a building, and trackers that rely on mobile applications.

And while cameras do offer higher resolution and visibility in some scenarios, they are expensive, raise privacy concerns, require direct line of sight, and flounder in poor lighting conditions.

This is why many leading building managers are now opting for a solution that truly realizes the smart building’s potential. A smart building technology that provides comprehensive, actionable data without invading privacy or pricing itself out of consideration: radio wave imaging.

Radio wave imaging lets your building “see” better & smarter

Today, radio wave imaging is empowering many innovative new applications for effective yet affordable building management, providing complete, robust, real-time analytics of what’s happening where at any given moment.

Radio waves can “see” through materials, making line of sight unnecessary, and perform perfectly in all lighting or visibility conditions (darkness, smoke, etc.). Radio wave imaging sensors do not rely on cameras or optics, so privacy is always protected. As personally identifiable information is never collected, radio wave imaging is especially useful in both workplaces and sensitive locations like restrooms or areas handling confidential material.

Vayyar radio wave imaging leads the way to smarter buildings

Vayyar is the global leader in 4D radio wave imaging technology. Vayyar’s Smart Building solution includes intelligent sensors that track people in real time anywhere in the building, enabling smarter space optimization, hot-desking applications and understanding any floor’s hot and cold zones, all while respecting employee and visitor privacy.

Information is shown on a configurable dashboard that clearly displays live relevant information. This real-time data can be integrated with existing APIs, empowering better-informed business decisions, enhancing productivity, safety, security, and even hygiene management.

Additionally, our sensors can be easily integrated into elevators, automatic doors, lighting, and HVAC, adding layers of rich data for improved energy savings. Companies looking for additional revenue streams can enjoy greater insights into how office space is really used, ensuring the utilization of shared workspaces and office leasings.

Vayyar, better, smarter

Vayyar’s radio wave imaging sensors will boost your building’s IQ and provide the rich data to deliver exceptional ROI. 

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