Provide better protection with instant fall detection & monitored wellbeing.

* Analytics and behavior data shown for example purposes.

Vayyar Care sensors automatically detect falls and provide data that enables caregivers to remotely identify deteriorating health patterns. It is smart, discreet and fully automated. Vayyar Care sensors monitor 24/7

Smart, discreet and touchless, Vayyar Care sensors monitor 24/7.

No need for cameras, wearables or buttons/cords.


A virtual caregiver in the room 24/7.

  • Compact form factor
  • Higher resolution and performance
  • Wall or ceiling installation

Senior care solutions leverage the information collected by Vayyar Care sensors, enabling caregivers to enhance resident wellbeing.

Provides immediate alerts for:

  • Fall Detection

  • In and Out of Bed Indicator

Rich data supports monitoring of:

  • Room Status

  • Night-time Wandering

  • Frequent Restroom Visits

  • Time Spent Resting

Vayyar Care: Key Benefits

  • 100% touchless alerts (No buttons, cords, or wearables)
  • Multifunctional sensing: presence, in/out of bed, fall detection
  • Works in all lighting conditions & steam
  • Maintains privacy at all times
  • Mains-powered – no batteries
  • Over-the-air updates

Representation of Vayyar’s Point Cloud Technology

Vayyar Care's data reveals the status of every resident at a glance.It displays both emergency alerts and detailed health analytics to help maximize senior safety and quality of life.

  • Instantly detect falls.

  • Leverage rich data on residents’ activity.

  • Enhance staff utilization and prioritize care delivery.

Vayyar Care gives you eyes and ears in every room.

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