The next generation of elderly care technology

Vayyar Home innovates eldercare:

  • Real-time fall detection
  • Rich activity data collection
  • Robust sensing in all conditions
  • Maintains privacy
  • Unobtrusive installation

Vayyar’s elderly care solutions provide completely touchless monitoring:

  • No wearables
  • No cameras
  • No buttons or pendants
Walabot HOME

Ideal for those living at home or in Independent Living, Walabot HOME features a touchscreen interface and 2-way voice calling.

Vayyar Home

Optimized for senior living communities, Vayyar Home has a compact form factor, supports ceiling installation, and collects rich data for activity analytics.

*Illustrative representation of point cloud imaging

Vayyar Home sends out signals that scan the environment using harmless radio waves a thousand times weaker than a cellphone.

It detects when a person falls and collects data which can be used to monitor activity patterns and identify signs of deteriorating health.

Our solutions work even in darkness or steam, don’t use cameras and always maintain privacy.

Overcoming the limitations of legacy devices


Fall detection



call button

Works Autonomously

Reliably uncovers hidden falls and prevents long lies


Fall alert notifications even if the resident is unresponsive


No need for user to charge device

Efortless upgrades

Automatic over-the-air new feature updates


No device to wear

*Illustrative representation of community dashboard

Deep insights for senior living operators

Vayyar’s sensors can be integrated with existing systems and gather rich behavioral data that supports tailored personal care, community-wide statistical analysis and the creation of true fall prevention strategies.

Panoramic protection

It detects when a person falls and collects data which can be used to monitor activity patterns and identify signs of deteriorating health.

Connect once.Stay ahead of the curve.

Vayyar’s sensors can be used to enable additional applications such as:

  • Security system arming & intruder alerts
  • Rest time analysis
  • Activities of Daily Living monitoring

Activity Monitoring

Customer testimonial:

“Vayyar Home has allowed Coronada Heights to provide a new level of remote monitoring… and keep our residents safe without having to go into their rooms, disturb them or risk spreading germs.” – Marcus Pegross, Executive Director, Coronada Heights

Our awards


  • Q “Is there a pendant?”
  • ANo, Vayyar Home is completely automatic, with nothing to wear.
  • Q “What does a resident need to do once it’s set up?”
  • AAbsolutely Nothing! Our completely passive sensors work without the need for residents to take any additional steps.
  • Q “What if I already have a full alarm or Nurse Call system in place?”
  • AOur API integration and Dry Contact connectivity allows Vayyar Home to work with most nurse call systems, central hubs and carephones. Get in touch for more details.
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