She couldn’t tell us she’d fallen.
But the house knew.

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Vayyar HOME is
A revolutionary, new hands-free emergency response system.

  • 100% automatic
  • No wearables
  • No buttons or pendants
  • No cameras

Just place a Vayyar HOME on your wall and if you fall, or need help, it will call a responder service or emergency contact.

Vayyar HOME’s 4D Sensing

Like wifi, the device sends out signals that scan the environment using harmless radio waves a thousand times weaker than a cellphone.

Vayyar HOME detects a person’s body position, a fall, or health problems.
It’s mindful of privacy, because it doesn’t use cameras.
Setup is also simple for out-the-box use, with pre-configured settings available for installers.
It’s US and CE certified, UL1637 approved* and approved for use across the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan.

*in final stage of approval

Unparalleled Safety with Peace of Mind

We’ve conducted 1,200 tests across 17 different fall scenarios, and achieved industry leading detection rates.

Fast falls, gradual falls, falls behind objects and furniture, falling from a bed, falling on the back, side, and stomach, with variations of BMI and height.

  • Fast falls
  • Tying shoes
  • Slow falls
  • Pets
  • Concealed falls
  • Vacuums

Only Vayyar HOME lets people age in place with dignity.

Vayyar HOME
Fall-detection pendant
Smart Watch

Works automatically

Gets help if a user is unconscious

Detects All Types of Falls


No Device to Wear

not available
not available

Mains Powered

No need for user to charge it

not available
not available

Has Ability to Call for Help


Upgradable Features

Breathing, security, activity monitoring and geo-fencing

not available
not available

the next
Vayyar HOME.

  • Small
  • Affordable
  • Multi-functional
  • Upgradable

Beyond PERS — Complete Health Monitoring Throughout the Home

Future Features Holisitic health and safety monitoring.

  • Security

Automatic arming of system and intruder alerts.

  • Health

Breathing and sleep analysis.

  • Activity Monitoring

Gait analysis and daily patterns.

  • Upgradable

All upgradeable via software updates.

Activity Monitoring
Fall Detection

Expand beyond the home to more markets.

  • Homecare agencies
  • Hospital and rehabilitation centers
  • Senior living communities, Independent & assisted living facilities
  • Insurance Companies


With precise monitoring and tracking across many rooms, occupants can be looked after remotely.


Data is gathered and analyzed in a secure cloud environment.

What our customers are saying:

  • Perfect Peace of Mind

“Vayyar HOME brings me peace of mind
that if something happens to dad, I’ll be
aware of it immediately.

Joe H.

  • A Great Alternative

“My mother had previously tried pendants. She was very frustrated and
so this device is a great alternative.”


  • Made Me Feel Safe

“I was worried about falling due to my
medical condition. I installed Vayyar
HOME it’s made me feel so safe!”

“I was worried about falling due to my medical condition. I installed Vayyar
HOME it’s made me feel so safe!”

Andrew S.

Our Awards


Q “How is Vayyar HOME set up?”

AJust plug it in and the device will begin working within minutes.

Q“Is there a pendant?”

ANo, Vayyar HOME is completely automatic, with nothing to wear.

Q“What happens if a user falls behind a couch or bed?”

APowerful 4D imaging sees through most bedroom and living room furniture – even some walls!

Q“Will a cat or dog trigger a false alarm?

AVayyar HOME devices will function normally with pets in the home and
will not be triggered by a cat or dog’s presence.

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