Make Yourself at Home

Vayyar Smart Home sensors preserve privacy while monitoring what is happening in and around your home in real-time

Detect and track presence, location, movement, posture and vital signs without the use of cameras or wearables.


Monitor movement as subtle as the breathing of a baby or identify the presence of an intruder.


Home Automation

Monitor your home to detect people’s locations, movements, posture and vital signs for real-time, activity based automation.

  • Optimize energy consumption for:


    Air Conditioning

    Home Appliances
  • Sound optimization and echo cancellation
  • Enable a wider range of abilities for smart home appliances including the proactive ability to anticipate needs of people in the home


Elderly Care

  • Detect a fall in the shower, bedroom or around the house, with no cameras or wearables
  • Monitor daily activity patterns to identify deviations or deteriorations – distance walked, average time in a room, and more
  • Monitor vital signs during sleep for one or multiple people at the same time


Security & Fire

  • Monitor your entire home, interior and exterior for intruder detection and perimeter protection
  • Identify irregular activities in your home
  • Detect the location of occupants and their condition in the case of a fire or disaster


Maintenance & Renovation

  • Detect the location and depth of wires and pipes inside your walls
  • Discover moving pests inside your walls
  • Pre-emptively identify leaks inside your walls

Works in all conditions

Vayyar sensors use 3D imaging technology which works in all lighting and weather conditions



Complete Darkness

Bright Sunlight

They respect privacy and don’t require a camera or wearable

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Basic Package

  • Advanced Hardware
  • Single function software – people location, obstacles map, heart-rate/breathing – GUI

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Advanced Package

  • Dedicated advanced hardware solution – off-the-shelf or tailored
  • Multi-functions software – people location, obstacles map, breathing – GUI + API
  • 3-months of support
  • 3-days face-to-face meeting for training, integration and mutual testing

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