Our system keeps the bad guys out and lets the good guys in.

Vayyar HOME is a home security system like no other.

It can sense when everyone has gone to sleep at night, and will automatically activate.

Then, if anyone from outside tries to enter, an emergency monitoring service can be alerted and an alarm can sound, warning the family, and deterring the intruder.

Family members can deactivate the alarm by answering a security question.

Because it knows where everyone is, and how everyone is, it can help save lives in the event of a fire by summoning emergency responders.

  • Intruder Detection

Indoors and outdoors

  • Restricted Zone/Presence Monitoring

Can be configured to allow only certain people into a particular part of the house

  • Identify people, presence, and location in case of emergency

Because relying on a call is no good if someone is unconcious

  • Monitor activity levels and vital signs

Vayyar HOME can check everyone’s breathing, walking, sleeping, and much more

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