Exceptional safety:
City & suburb

Ensuring urban road safety is an increasingly complex challenge, with densely populated cities witnessing rapid growth in the use of bicycles, motorcycles and scooters.

More advanced ADAS technology is required to support refined applications that can protect Vulnerable Road Users.

MRR functions include:

Lane Change

Blind Spot


Cross Traffic

Emergency Braking

for less

Vayyar’s single-chip XRR platform significantly enhances safety at city-driving speeds with just two sensors covering the entire vehicle, for ultimate cost savings.

Powered by a leading-edge 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip, the solution provides extraordinarily high resolution and an ultra-wide azimuth-elevation field of view.

In addition to delivering advanced MRR capabilities, the platform simultaneously supports SRR and LRR applications. 

Comprehensive coverage

High-resolution data for accurate sensing of vehicle surroundings

Ultra-wide azimuth and elevation FoV for rich depth and height perception with fewer sensors

Object clustering and classification
over various distances

No line of sight required
with targets

Our Milestones

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