High performance at
the highest speeds

As the automotive industry intensifies its focus on lifesaving ADAS technologies, it’s also gearing up to overcome the remaining obstacles on the road to full autonomy. Critical to both objectives is preventing the vehicle-to-vehicle collisions.

LRR capabilities include:

The multi-range XRR platform simultaneously enables a wide range of SRR and MRR applications.

Lane Change


Cross Traffic

Adaptive Cruise

Expanding the
horizons of radar

OEMs and Tier 1s are moving to next-generation sensor platforms that provide robust performance, high-resolution data and lightning-fast responsivity in all conditions.

With an unprecedented range of 0-300m, Vayyar’s XRR platform delivers pinpoint accuracy that allows any vehicle to anticipate – and ultimately avoid – a potentially lethal high-speed impact.

Comprehensive coverage

High-resolution data for accurate sensing of vehicle surroundings

Ultra-wide azimuth and elevation FoV for rich depth and height perception with fewer sensors

Object clustering and classification
over various distances

No line of sight required
with targets

Our Milestones

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